SAM Optimisation Solution
SAMSentry enables a business to assess, benchmark, view priority-based recommendations, collaborate and track progress. When combined with software audit and licence management technology it provides a 360 view of an organisation's SAM infrastructure.
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We've helped manage software in more than 1,000 organisations, ranging from Enterprise through to SMB. Now you can tap into the experience to keep software vendors in check. Moreover, SAMSentry reporting will demonstrate your compliance with software asset management industry best practice and estimate the reduced software spend.
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Governance of your SAM suppliers, outsourcers, and partners.
A strong and robust business case for an improved SAM system with key facts and figures to support financial buy-in.
Context and multi-layered information to support end point discovery and licence reports.
Communication with management teams on key areas of improvement and risk reduction in a succinct and practical manner.
Demonstration of credibility and progress to the Executive Team.
Technologies to support hardware and software data collection.
Eliminating process disconnects and their effects on audit or licence reports.
Understanding what action needs to be taken, along with recommendations.
‘First Line Audit Defence’ mechanism.
Collaboration with IT and non-IT teams globally to remedy process gaps.
Support and input from different areas of the organisation.
Documentation and enforcement of software related policies, processes and procedures.
Even for medium-sized organisations, expenditure on software runs into millions. It is increasing and so is our dependence on it.
The multitude of software products for sale, complex IT environments and fluid methods of software consumption, all contribute to the challenge. The onset of cloud adoption means the core emphasis of SAM is not only about compliance. More now than ever, SAM has to integrate software usage. To achieve any of these goals requires careful planning and structure; not solely licence management and discovery tool-sets. With a structured understanding of your environments supported by well versed software management processes, comes a solid foundation for a new and improved SAM system.
Over the past 15 years the SAM industry has seen steady growth and we continue to experience this because of the complexities around software management. Historically, SAM was required to manage software used on desktops and physical servers, however today we consume software via smartphones, tablets, our own devices (BYOD) and virtual machines. We use software in the cloud, run virtual applications and see more and more business models being digitised.
To adequately manage this costly investment, SAM professionals need suitable tools. The natural reaction is to reach for discovery and licence management technology. However, alone, they do not provide the information and industry support required for managing software in the modern environments. SAM Maturity models have previously provided an approximate view for organisations; however they are static reports that are based on industry standards that are out of date and require modernisation.
As we move rapidly into the fourth industrial revolution (digital) SAM is more about understanding the various layers of connectivity, data direction and asset classification rather than one to one/many licence models. At Infraware we understand the importance of ‘asset classification, relationships and data flows’ to ensure a ‘contextual’ view of an asset base. Microsoft has employed our services to draft global usage processes for some of their largest cloud contracts and we continue to work with hosting organisations globally. With the technology progression comes a skills shortage; it is estimated that by 2018 there will be upto a 50% skills shortage in the SAM industry (Source: Gartner 2017). We must find a way to locate the middle ground of acceptable standards and best practice.
SAMSentry has been designed to help organisations review, deploy and manage efficient and sustainable SAM systems.


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